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The idea behind Gorilla gym has been a long time developing over many years.  A love of discovering information about training & diet has led slowly to the development of a way to get everyone fit & healthy, from the elite athlete to the ordinary person in the street who just wants to get into better shape.
Everyone should aim at getting stronger & fitter. This doesn't mean you have to weightlift or run a marathon (although most people can if they decide to), but even those who are older or have medical conditions should be able to find some way to improve their fitness & overall health.  You owe it to yourself to be the best version of you it is possible to be!

Reaping the benefits of exercise does not take long.  Whether you are looking to lose belly fat, lower blood pressure or perform better at your chosen sport. A proper program will soon have you reaching new heights & achieving goals you never thought attainable.

As this site grows we will include tons of free material that you can use yourself to create a diet or training routine you desire, but if you need extra help feel free to make contact & together we can create the ideal training &/or dietary program you desire to reach your goals.
If you are local to Brighton & Hove we can meet & start you on the path to fitness or dietary changes to improve your health. Age or illness should never be a barrier to improving yourself, so we will find ways around any issues.

I have worked with the elderly, people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue & related issues (I have qualifications for working with clients who have those issues, see the page on training for more details), arthritis, skin conditions & a host of other medical issues.  If necessary I am happy to work with your doctor &/or physical therapist to achieve maximum results. At the other end of the spectrum I have worked with powerlifters, bodybuilders & those competing in other sports to achieve maximum performance in their chosen field.

For most of my clients losing fat, looking & feeling great are their main goals & I have yet to meet a client who cannot lose fat without too much fuss or deprivation.
As well as working locally I am beginning to roll out an online service to clients who wouldn't normally be able to take advantage of the services offered. With both online training & dietary counseling.

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